Probably the biggest difference, aside from the obvious issue of size, in working smaller is that the process is so much more direct and straightforward. You have only the stone and the tools and you can just work without too much to plan or over-think. I often work on many small pieces during the lengthy process involved with the large stones. It’s quick and relaxing even though it looks to be the same kind of work.
           The small works give me a chance to experiment with new shapes, textures and materials. It is almost like sketching in stone. I’m able to make a small drawing and turn the idea into stone in a reasonable time frame. Many of my works are disc-like shapes. I’m drawn to this because it seems to connect to the most basic essence of line and form in sculpture. The images are simple and easily read from almost any distance. Their weight is minimized and they are easy to mount on steel bases.
           There forms are derived from many ancient sources in China, Japan, South America, Mexico, Europe and the American Southwest. So called primitives implements and religious artifacts have simple yet potent shapes. I try to learn from these objects and translate them into a stark, contemporary vocabulary. Many of the images in this category are of this type.
           Recently, I have produced small sculptures in onyx, alabaster and marble whose shapes come from fossil nautiluses and bones. These works are more fully rounded and represent the next series of works that I will include in this website in a 2008 update.





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