I suppose the main thrust of my energy is the making of large sculptures for public spaces. I enjoy the idea of making an object that is out in the open and can be seen by a large number of people. I feel that it is easier to ‘let go’ of a creative work if it remains public. Using stone to make large things has been done throughout history and just seems like a natural thing to do. Stone has a greater power when it is presented in a larger format. There is more to see, feel, and contemplate. It is so much a part of the earth that anyone can feel a connection to it.
           The process of working on a large scale is complicated and very different from what’s involved with small works. It requires more planning in areas that aren’t directly sculptural. The larger pieces present the most complex issues related to cutting, moving, polishing and installing. I have been lucky to work with John and David Socinski of RMG Stone in Castleton, Vermont on the large works. Their stone factory contains large saws, polishing equipment and heavy forklifts; all essential to being able to produce a work large enough for public display in stone. I started at RMG with my first US commission, Middle Path for the University of Connecticut Law School in 1992 and have been able to make all of the successive projects with them since. I owe them a great deal of gratitude to make all this happen. 




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